My little sister Salsabila.

Beauty of Broga

National History Museum

        macam kat Hogwarts.. 

Tea Break

All time Malaysian's favourite drink, the teh tarik..

                              I asked Fariza  to taste her roti Arab and nyumnyum it's delicious.

Anoy got a cough and crave for a cold drink.But no way Anoy ,only hot drinks are allowed.

Changing Guard Ceremony

Taken from my FlickR album.
Too many crowds  and I have to climb the gate to took this picture ;p

Bungaan di Fraser Hill

Aku bab nama bunga ni memang fail.Tapi aku suka sangat bunga kaler pink -purple nih..Tak pernah lagi jumpe kat memana..

Central Hall Westminster

Another historic buidling at Westminster.